003: Dr Kym Simoncini from the University of Canberra

Dr Kym Simoncini

Dr Kym Simoncini

In this interview  Dr Kym Simoncini talks about how she and her tutors or markers use Automated Rubrics and eMarking Assistant.

Dr. Kym Simoncini is an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education at the University of Canberra. Prior to her academic career, Kym was a primary school teacher in North Queensland and England. Her research focuses on children’s learning and play. Kym’s current research is investigating playgrounds and family learning in Papua New Guinea and exploring young children’s STEM learning and how parents and educators and foster early STEM learning in Australia.

00:00 Peter: Introducing Dr Kym Simoncini from the Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics at the University of Canberra.

00:20: Kym: Describes her role at the University of Canberra.

01:10 Kym: Describe how she graded papers before using Automated Rubrics i.e. printout the rubric, then circle the performance descriptors, enter the numeric mark, and then add up the totals.

01:40 Peter: Pressing F6 will highlight the performance level and calculate the weighted mark for that criteria.  Pressing F5 will vary the mark down and F7 will vary it up.  Pressing F8 will total the marks and convert it to a grade.  You can see a demo at http://eMarkingAssistant.com/products/rubric-o-matic

01:50: Kym: Use of the electronic rubric when working with tutors/markers in moderation to ensure consistent grading.

3:50: Kym: Use of F5 and F7 to vary assessment in moderation meetings and then pressing F8 to retotall the marks.

5:00 Kym: Preparing a comment bank and then distributing the comment bank to tutors

6:15 Kym: Feedback from tutors and markers. “Overwhelmingly positive responses from markers about using eRubric.  Just because it does make it so simple. Using the F6 button to fill in those criteria boxes. Its so easy… and then having the potential to have pluses and minuses and then F8 which is the total. It just makes it so much quicker than the old way… its automated.  I couldn’t go back.There is no  way I could go back!”

6:50: Kym: “I would definitely recommend it for others…. They were tearing their hair out with the old use of rubrics. .. I gave a quick tutorial to them all and they were so happy and grateful because it just saved them so much time and it was so much easier and now they are all using it.”

8:00 Kym: “Thank goodness you invented it … Marking some times can be a chore but with this tool … you can just focus on giving feedback rather than the actual mechanics of adding things up.  So I am super grateful for eMarking Assistant.”

8:30 End


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