Benefits for teachers using the eMarking Assistant online marking system

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Lecturers, teachers, graders, and markers benefit from using the eMarking Assistant online marking or on screen marking software in the following ways:

  • it saves you time when marking assignments and grading papers allowing you to reclaim your weekends and do the things you want
  • you remain in control of the online marking or grading process and you can personalise any comment or use other Word features such as Word comments, Word track changes, revision marks, Word autotext or Word quick parts
  • you can build and reuse a detailed bank of essay comments for teachers containing text, images, links and audio
  • you will spend less time explaining the detailed comments to students
  • can record audio assessment feedback within the online marking system and save these comments into the Word document
  • your detailed essay comments for teachers will be more understandable as they are legible, detailed, and can contain links to supporting web sites
  • you can highlight a phrase and then click the Google it button to do a quick plagiarism test or search for additional information
  • your marking and grading will be more consistent, from the first to the last assignment
  • you can download and share prepared comment banks (see some example comment banks) which you can add to and customise
  • marks will be automatically recorded, totaled, and rescaled reducing errors and appeals
  • you can reduce your carbon footprint by online marking and thus use less paper and return assignments via email rather than post
  • you can easily identify modified revisions in resubmitted assignments if the student uses Word track changes

The eMarking Assistant online marking or on screen marking system integrates into Microsoft Word so you can quickly use it without needing to learn a new piece of software.