Benefits for universities: quality assurance of assessment

Universities and colleges benefit through quality assurance of assessment processes

eMarking Assistant provides tools that universities can use to examine quality assurance of assessment by preparing reports showing comments, grades and marks over an entire student cohort or by individual markers. These reports can also be used in continuous improvement and staff development approaches. It allows:

  • examiners can prepare marking rubrics containing detailed assessment criteria and standards to assist contract markers to quickly grade the assignments
  • detailed comment banks will help markers provide constructive, effective, and appropriate assessment comments
  • all markers will have the same foundation comments which they can then modify
  • the automated marking rubrics will reduce errors and increase consistency when adding and rescaling marks
  • the “harvest” facility allows universities to quickly scan folders of marked assignments and prepare reports showing the number and type of comments made by markers and the overall grades
  • comment banks and marking rubrics can be stored with assessment details for future reuse

The increase in consistency enabled by the use of eMarking Assistant and eRubric Assistant will also have a positive impact on student satisfaction with assessment and thus student retention.