Benefits for students of giving feedback using eMarking Assistant

eMarking Assistant as a effective tool for giving feedback to studentsĀ in the following ways:

  • the detailed comments can go beyond identifying problems to explaining the issue and providing links to ways to resolve it in future
  • the effectiveness of student feedback is improved because the comments can contain images, tables, links and audio
  • the feedback can explicitly ask the student to rework the section or to use the supplied information in future
  • audio comments in the assignment can provide encouragement in a novel and attention getting format
  • the manual shows a workflow which shows teachers how to provide effective feedback to students
  • assignment turnaround time will be quicker
  • electronic submission and return of assignments is both timely, practical and convenient
showing the importance of giving feedback to students

Showing eMarking Assistant as an effective way of providing feedback to students

In summary, eMarking Assistant allows you to provide effective feedback to your students while at the same time allowing you to more quickly grade papers. The following graph demonstrates the importance of giving feedback to students using the eMarking Assistant software.

The package also contains videos that show you how to give effective feedback to your students.

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