Testimonials about the eMarking Assistant grading system for teachers

eMarking Assistant grading system for teachers

eMarking Assistant grading system for teachers

This is what teachers say about the eMarking Assistant and eRubric Assistant grading systems for teachers. eMarking Assistant and eRubric Assistant helps teachers grade papers, mark assignments, use marking rubrics, and manage comment banks (you can have you say at the bottom of the page).

You can download a 30 day trial of eMarking Assistant.

Comments from teachers about the eMarking Assistant grading system for teachers

eMarking assistant is a tool which should speed up online marking of assessment items, particularly essays and assignments submitted in Word. Features include audio assessment feedback, automated marking rubrics, reusable comments and comment banks. The eMarking assistant integrates into Microsoft Word and you can use the same tools in any version of Microsoft Word (2000, 2002, 2003 or 2007) for Windows.

Ken Crofts, School of Accounting    June 28, 2014    Charles Stuart University, Australia    Website   

A video showing how to use an eRubric Assistant that is compatible with Microsoft Word.

Chet Chua    June 28, 2014    Website   

David posted a comment on his page and Maite Santos liked it.

David Bradshaw    June 28, 2014    Website   

eRubric Assistant is a free rubric generator which works on Windows and Macintosh computers.... This tool automates the majority of rubric construction via an interactive interface in Word. Criteria are presented in rows and standards or performance levels for each criterion are presented in columns. A toolbar allows the user to show and edit the scores awarded to a given piece of work by highlighting the attained cells within the rubric.

ablemetrics    June 28, 2014    Website   

Looks promising!

Dr Broady    June 12, 2014    Georgetown College    Website   

eRubric Assistant is a free rubric generator. You download the software, and can create automated grading rubrics in Microsoft Word. You can plug in your own weighted assessment criteria in the rows, and the performance standards with marks in the columns. The download is free, and is available for both Windows and Mac. There are pretty simple instructions available on the website and we found the tool super easy to use. It is highly customizable, so you can use it for pretty much any subject matter.

Katie Lepi    February 15, 2014    Edudemic: connecting eduction & technology    Website   

eMarking Assistant automates and repurposes the Word comment tool. In addition to automated comments and a comment bank, it supports importing and exporting comments to allow sharing comment banks as Word documents. This also allows editing comments independently and including graphics, links and tables within comments. You can create customisable marking rubrics with weighted criteria and standards, and automatic tallying of grades. Audio comments can also be used, with some configuration.... The tool can search for selected words or phrases on the Web, which is useful for detecting potential plagiarism (this is a Google search and does not conduct pre-emptive matching in the same way as systems like Turnitin or SafeAssign), or highlight phrases throughout the document if the student repeats the same error.

Teaching & Educational Development Institute: The University of Queensland    October 23, 2013    E-marking Tools: A Guide for New Users    Website   

Works with any version of Microsoft Word for Windows. Easy creation of rubrics. Low cost of the license.

Silvia Mazuelos    October 23, 2013    Mexico    Website   

[eRubric Assistant] works with any version of Microsoft Word for Windows [and allows] easy creation of rubrics.

Florina Gatica-Lara, Teresita del Niño Jesús Uribarren-Berrueta    September 17, 2013    Website   

For written work, Microsoft Word is a favorite tool for commenting on specific parts or sections of student papers.... Online marking tools like these enable instructors to build reusable comment banks, create and apply automated rubrics, and record audio feedback on assignments.

Lorna Kearns    September 1, 2013    Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, University of Pittsburgh    Website   

eMarking Assistant is a MS Word toolbar that allows you to build and use detailed teacher comment banks containing reusable comments consisting of text, images, links and audio. The e-Marking Assistant helps graders and markers conduct Google searches within Word, and provides other tools to help them grade papers using Microsoft Word. It also allows the grader to make automated analytic rubrics including criteria and standards which automatically re-scale, total and convert marks to grades.

Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning    August 23, 2013    The University of Western Australia    Website   

E-marking assistant is a Word macro that you can purchase which can help the marker use the comment and tracked changed options within Word to mark a word document based assignment. A feature of this macro is to also dynamically edit a rubric which will be located at the end of the word document.

Division of Student Learning, Charles Sturt University, Australia    March 27, 2013    Tools for Feedback    Website   

I have found eMarking-Assistant extremely useful. Not only does it allow me to save valuable time in writing comments it has assisted me in developing a lot more detailed comments. Being able to store the marking criteria and feedback letters has also made it a lot more efficient for my markers.

The service received from Peter has always been prompt and no problem is ever too hard to solve.

Naomi Ryan    December 5, 2012   

I couldn't speak more highly of the service and quick response that I have experienced in using emarking assistant. Even though I am not a confident user of technology, I have been able to navigate and upload comment banks and use the program effectively. Using the online support chat (available on the right of most pages) has been a new experience for me it was really helpful to get set up within minutes with Peter guiding me through the instructions.

I recommend using this program even for those people who are not particularly confident with this type of technology.Thank you for a wonderful asset that will be useful for anyone who has loads of marking to do.

Cecilia Anderson    December 3, 2012    Toowoomba   

It would be remiss not to mention how helpful Peter Evans has been. He is committed to this product and making sure that it works for us. One time, I had accidentally hit the F9 key and that made all the comments come out in html. I had no clue what had happened. Peter responded quickly and it was easily fixed. Recently, I renewed my subscription and Peter didn't see that I had logged in. He contacted me just to be sure that I had received all the information I needed in order to use the product.

Service like that is hard to come by these days.

Diane Sykes    November 16, 2012   

I have been looking for something like eMarking-Assistant for years and now I have found it. With eMarking-Assistant I can grade papers in about 10% of the time I did before. Now I look forward to grading so I can collect and save my comments into my own library of comments to be used over and over again.

I have recommended eMarking-Assistant at faculty meetings so that each faculty member could eventually share individual comment libraries. What a huge resource that would be for each of us.

Ed Drumond    November 13, 2012   

Peter is very customer oriented and follows up on suggestions and questions quickly. eMarking-Assistant is easy to install and very intuitive to use. eMarking-Assistant does what you expect it should do. I personally recommend this as a must have for instructors grading online documents or grading documents in electronic formats .... Great job Peter!

Ed Drumond    November 13, 2012   

I am thrilled to recommend eMarking assistant. Most of the time, it is the same problem over and over again with students. Usually, it is a lack of organization, poor grammar, or poor writing skills that need helpful comments and grading. These papers used to take me hours to grade. It is most challenging to give quality feedback to each student when most of my time is taken up with grading English and grammar. Furthermore, there was always the issue of being consistent in grading each student.

eMarking Assistant has helped me with all of these issues. My grading goes much faster and I feel that the students are provided with the tools to help them succeed if they use the links in the comments to research the specific problem that I am commenting on. I like the consistency of the grading as well. A real benefit is being able to add comments and tailor those to my classes.

Diane Sykes    November 22, 2011   

I take student essay assignments and insert my grading rubric at the bottom of the student assignment, then go to the top and start reviewing the assignment and use the eMarking Assistant toolbar to insert comments, including voice comments at parts of the body text that require it. Once I am done, I use the rubric to complete grading the assignment, save and then post the reviewed and graded paper for the student, either using a dropbox or through email.

Using this approach I can review and grade 3-4 student assignments in the time that it used to take to review and grade one paper using Word tracking alone. Apart from saving me time, the student feedback on voice annotations is very positive. Hear me talking about eMarking Assistant at the national conference of American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN).

Jack Yensen    August 12, 2011    Website   

One of the big advantages of e-marking, using a tool like eMarking Assistant, is that we can (if we make the effort) significantly improve the quality, quantity and (hopefully) timeliness of feedback. In this context, hyperlinks to resources, support and further information are a fantastic idea. I hadn't thought of doing this on an individual basis in feedback but it is now something I plan to make much greater use of. eMarking Assistant greatly facilitates doing this.

Keith McGuinness    August 6, 2011    Darwin, Australia   

... while written student submissions are relatively well served by electronic and online tools at the front end (e.g. drop boxes for submission/return) and at the back end (gradebooks for recording and processing marks), what is much less supported is the actual marking stage in between...

[this] tool is capable of supporting a teacher to provide in situ electronic feedback and grading on the submitted assignment, which can then be returned the student within the context of an e-document work flow.

Transforming Assessment    August 18, 2010    Adelaide, Australia    Website   

I find eMarking-Assistant very useful. Two aspects in particular I find very exciting.

The first is the ability to store all my comments. As a result, this means they are taking on a whole new life. The comments included with the programme inspired this. Now, I am prepared to go into some detail with my own comments. They are evolving into short teaching episodes and I will be looking to include hyperlinks and other references into them in future. I simply couldn't do this if I had to rewrite them for all students.

I also love the rubrics. I have adapted them to suit the marking scheme in my A Level General Paper course. To simplify workflow, I put the rubric at the bottom of the student's paper and then split the document so I can view the rubric at the same time as I am reading the paper. That means I can refer to the criteria as I read. My students have told me they find the detailed feedback really useful.

Ian Wiseman    July 6, 2010    Brunei   

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