Essay grading rubric to record, total marks & convert to a percentage & grade (video)

eMarking Assistant: 2 minute video of the essay grading Rubric component

The following 2 minute video shows the use of the essay grading rubric component of eMarking Assistant which makes it easy to record, total and convert marks to percentages and grades.Clicking in a cell in the grading rubric and pressing F6 will highlight the cell and record the rescaled mark and grade. Pressing F5 or F7 will vary the mark down and up. And pressing F8 will calculate the total mark, convert it to a percentage and a weighted mark, and then convert it to a grade. Easy!

The essay grading rubric is a normal Word table with criteria listed in rows and standards listed in columns so it is easy to use the rubric template to make your own detailed analytic rubrics (watch a video).