Completing and returning an analytic rubric (video)

The following 4 minute video demonstrates using the automated analytic rubric in eRubric Assistant (free) or eMarking Assistant to the highlight performance standard for each critera and have the rubric automatically calculate the mark and then total the marks and convert it to a percentage and a grade. Because the automated analytic rubric does the calculations and conversions you do not need to worry about mistakes or trying to ensure that all criteria are weighted equally. What could be easier?

0:00 introduction, enabling macros, and showing that eRubric Assistant (free) is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word for Windows or Mac (except Word 2008 for the Mac)
1:00 showing the detailed analytic rubric with criteria (and weightings or maximum marks) and marking standards
1:40 clicking a cell and pressing F5 to highlight the cell and calculate the scaled mark. Pressing F5 or F7 will decrease or increase the mark
3:15 pressing F8 will total the marks for all criteria, convert the mark to a weighed mark, a percentage, and a grade
4:20 copying the completed analytic rubric to return it to the student

Easy! And you can download eRrubic Assistant for free to create your own automated analytic eRubric (view video).