Downloading & installing the eMarking Assistant 30 day trial (video)

The video at the bottom of this page demonstrates how you can shows you how to download and install the free 30 day trial on any version of Windows and with any version of Office (Word) by doing the following:

  1. go to the Download eMarking Assistant page (opens in a new window so you can read these instructions)
  2. either:
    • click the download eMarking Assistant now link or
    • enter your name and email and then click the Download eMarking Assistant button to subscribe to a 10 part eMarking Assistant course and then download the eMarking Assistant
  3. when you enter the eMarking Assistant download page the eMarking_Assistant.doc file will automatically start downloading. You need to save the file to your computer (rather than open or run it from the web site). If the file does not download you can click the link to manually start the download and Save the file to your computer.
  4. once the eMarking_Assistant.doc file is saved on your computer you can double click to open it and then follow the prompts to enable macros. The traffic light will turn green to show you that you have successfully enabled macros in the document.
  5. click the Install eMarking Assistant button to start the install process. Follow the prompts to load the sample comments and your license ID (a 10 letter sequence) is shown at the end of the installation and then Word will quit.
  6. When you restart Word and you can show the toolbar by pressing ALT F8 to use any of the features of eMarking Assistant
  7. You would also click the Help tab and the License ID button to see your license ID and your license information. This screen also allows you to enter the activation code which will be sent to you after you purchase the software.