Microsoft Word plagiarism checker – Google search (video)

eMarking Assistant provides a simple free Microsoft Word plagiarism checker by letting you highlight a phrase and then do a Google Web or Google Scholar search within the Word document.

The following video shows how to highlight a phrase in the Word document and then do a Google search from within Word to identify possible plagarism.  This is also useful to find more information on a word, phrase or sentence. It is also possible to do different types of Google searches e.g. web search, scholar, images, news etc.

Doing the Google search from within Word means that you have access to a free Microsoft Word plagiarism checker which you can easily use to check phrases and sentences which you suspect might be plagarised (e.g. different tone or writing style or strange spacing) without the need to submit the whole document to a plagarism detection service.Vid

Showing how to use eMarking Assistant to provide a free Microsoft Word plagiarism checker.