Downloading all assignments from Moodle

This 2:20 video shows how to use Moodle to download all assignments or download all submissions or download all files in preparation for offline marking or grading. It also shows how to download the Moodle grading worksheet allowing you to enter grades and feedback in preparation for uploading the files and marks. (Moodle 2.3 or higher)

00:30 Go to your Moodle course site and click the assignment activity to display the summary information for the assignment.Click View/grade all submissions link at the bottom of the page to see the assignment grid with one row for each student.
00:45 Click the Select checkbox in the header row to select all the people. If you have multiple groups in your course for different markers and the Assignment activity is in Visible groups mode, you can use the Visible groups menu to select the group of students you want to mark.
1:00 Use the Grading action dropdown menu at the top of the page and select Download all submissions to download a zip file containing all submitted assignments.
1:15 Use the Grading action dropdown menu at the top of the page and select Download grading worksheet to download a CSV worksheet with a row for each student and  columns for the assignment mark and a feedback comment.
1:25 Unzip the file containing the downloaded assignments. The files are stored with the student name and an ID prepended to the file name used by the student/ Comments are not downloaded so it is best not to enable Allow Comments when setting up the Moodle Assignment activity.
1:40 Open the grading worksheet to see a row for each students and columns showing the student name and identifier. You will enter the mark or grade into the column titled grade and you can enter a short comment into the column titled feedback.







Unzip the file

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