Recording, inserting & saving reusable voice comments in Word (video)

Showing a voice comment in the margin of the Word document

Showing a voice comment in the margin of the Word document

The following video demonstrates recording and inserting voice comments into an assignment you are marking or grading and then saving these voice comments for future reuse. It shows the following steps:

  • show the eMarking Assistant toolbar by pressing ALT F8
  • highlight the part of the assignment you want to comment on, select A new audio comment , and click (insert it in the) margin and then:
    • in Word 2007 or later:
      • you can use any audio program to record the audio. I use¬† MP3myMP3Recorder (when you install it you will probably want to untick the option to install the RelevantKnowledge addin) which is available for free from to record the audio and save the file to your computer
      • return to Word then browse to the audio file, click next, add a comment, click next
    • in Word 2003 or earlier:
      • the sound recorder application is automatically opened, you can record the audio and when you click the close box the audio is automatically¬†inserted into the Word document
  • you (or the student) can then replay the voice comment by double clicking the voice comment icon in the margin
  • if you want you can highlight the voice comment and save it for reuse in any other assignment

The voice comments are stored at “speech” quality that adds only 100 MBytes for each 1 minute comment. The big advantage of recording and embedding voice comments in the Word file in this way is that you do not need to return separate sound files and the audio is embedded into the specific place in the document.

Other electronic assessment systems that are experimenting with the use of voice comments include:

  • Turnitin voice comments in grademark
  • Sounds good assessment feedback system

The acvantage of eMarking Assistant voice comments is that they can be recorded without being attached to the internet or having a subscription to Turnitin and the audio file is embedded in the assignment so you only need to return one file. Excellent!