Sharing grading comment banks with other teachers (video)

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Sharing comment banks and grading comments between markers and graders will increase marker consistency, reduce the need for second marking, and help show markers the sorts of comments you want them to make. The following video shows how eMarking Assistant allows you to import a comment bank, edit one of the comments, and then export the modified comment bank into a comment bank document which you can share with others.

The specific steps show in the video are:

  • 0:00 introduction
  • 0:40 the eMarking Assistant toolbar with no loaded comments shown in the comments field. To delete all the loaded comments: click the Setup tab, use the Manage comment banks menu and select Delete all comments. You will be asked to confirm that you wan to delete all comments.
  • 0:45 importing a comment bank from a comment bank document (click the Setup tab, use the Manage comment banks menu and select Import comment bank).   You can download a sample comment bank document by going to, use the Download menu and select Download comment bank
  • 1:00 when the comment bank is imported you can scroll through the comments field in the toolbar to view comment names and contents (images and formatting are not shown in the toolbar)
  • 1:20 you can also use Word to open the Comment bank document containing a single table with one row for each comment. The first column contains the name of the comment and the second contains the contents of the comment.
  • 1:45 insert a comment in to a document (click the comment name and then click the Margin button), edit the comment by inserting text, images, links, or sound into the comment bubble in the margin, and then save the expanded comment (use the Use selected document text to: menu and select save as a new reusable comment. The last name of the last comment you inserted will be entered so you can easily overwrite the last comment or you can insert a new comment name)
  • 2:25 export the current comments to a Comment bank document (click the Setup tab, use the Manage comment banks menu and select Export comment bank). A new Word document will be created and all the comments inserted into a table with one row for each comment. You can scroll down to see the new comment that you created.

Now you know how to save you comments to move them to another computer or distribute them to your markers. You may find that you have different comment banks for different assignments or courses you teach.