Download a bank of sample feedback comments for teachers

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This bank of sample feedback comments is included when you download the 30 day trial of eMarking Assistant.

showing a bank of sample feedback comments

A comment shown in the pink comment box on the right) which has been inserted by selecting it from the sample feedback comments displayed in the floating eMarking Assistant toolbar.

eMarking Assistant lets you store a comment bank for teachers so you can easily insert them from a floating toolbar of marking comments for teachers when you are grading papers and marking assignments.

The essay comments for teachers can contain text, images, audio, and links. Because you can easily reuse the comments you can afford to make them longer and more informative so they don’t just identify the problem but suggest ways to solve it, point to online resources and invite your students to do better. Look at a 2 minute video showing the use of reusable comment banks.

eMarking Assistant includes an 80 item sample feedback comments bank (you can also view the sample feedback comments bank without downloading eMarking Assistant) containing links to academic writing sites. You can export your marking comments to move to another computer (you to install eMarking Assistant on your work and home computer) or swap the feedback comments with other teachers.

5 thoughts on “Download a bank of sample feedback comments for teachers

    • Hello Maxine,

      Where you able to download the comment bank as a word document? If you have installed eMarking Assistant you can then import them into the floating toolbar so you can easily insert them into the margin or body of a paper or assignment. You can also easily edit or modify the comments.

      If you have not installed eMarking Assistant you can still use the comment bank by copying the comment and pasting them into the assignment.

      Peter Evans

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