Download a 30 day trial of eMarking Assistant (Windows only)

eMarking Assistant is compatible with any version of Microsoft Word for Windows (apart from Word Starter edition and Word RT). You have these options if you use a Macintosh.

You can either:

  • download eMarking Assistant immediately or
  • fill in the following form to download eMarking Assistant and also receive the eMarking Assistant mini-courses containing hints and tips for best using it.

You can buy an eMarking Assistant license at any time  which will allow you to use eMarking Assistant after the end of the 30 day trial.

2 thoughts on “Download a 30 day trial of eMarking Assistant (Windows only)

    • Hello Dr Catherine Flynn,

      Thanks for the feedback and I would be very interested in your comments after you have used the trial a little.
      Feel free to contact eMarking Assistant using the Contact Us or Online Support buttons on the right of most pages or email to

      Peter Evans

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