Download the Automated Analytic Rubrics software (Windows or Macintosh)

The Automated Analytic Rubric document should automatically start downloading into your download folder (generally there is a link at the bottom of the page). If it doesn’t, you can manually restart the download and save the document on your computer. You may need to right click the link (or if you are using a Mac, hold down the Option key and click the link) and then select Save.

Step1: Download and save the Automated Analytic Rubrics document on your computer

Save the file to your computer so you can install it You must select Save (rather than Open or Load) to save the document to your computer. You can only do the guided tour or install eRubric Assistant once you have saved the eRubric Assistant document on your computer.

Step 2: Double click the Automated Analytic Rubrics document to open it in Word and enable macros

Showing the detailed analytic rubric which automatically rescales and totals marks

Showing the detailed analytic rubric which automatically rescales and totals marks

Browse to the Automated Analytic Rubrics document and open it using any version of Microsoft Word for Windows (other than Word Starter edition or RT edition) or Macintosh (other than Word 2008) then follow the prompts to verify that macros are enabled. You will then be shown a welcome message and you can start using eRubric Assistant.

The fastest way to start using Automated Analytic Rubrics analytic rubric maker is to look at the video shown in the first section of the document.

Step 3: Start using Automated Analytic Rubrics to create and use beautiful detailed automated eRubrics

This version of eRubric Assistant will continue to work until July 1 2017. One month before this you can download a new version of Automated Analytic Rubrics from or start using the full eMarking Assistant package (Windows only) using the free 30 day trial. There’s no risk … what are you waiting for?