Download a 30 day trial of the eMarking Assistant software (Windows only)

Some old versions of Windows Defender (the default security system in Windows 10) falsely report that eMarking Assistant contains Malware. Microsoft has examined eMarking Assistant and have updated their virus definitions. The following FAQ describes how to update Windows Defender and provides more information.  Feel free to use the SUPPORT Chat button at the bottom right if you have any questions or need assistance.

Step 1: Download and save the eMarking Assistant document on your computer

Save the file to your computer so you can install itThe following link will also download eMarking Assistant.

The document will generally be put into your Downloads folder. Once it is downloaded to your computer you can open it in Word.  If you are given the choice to Save or Open the document you must Save it first. You can only do the guided tour or install eMarking Assistant once you have saved the eMarking Assistant document on your computer.

Step 2: Double click or Open the eMarking Assistant document in Word

Browse to the eMarking Assistant document and open it using any version of Microsoft Word for Windows then follow the prompts to verify that macros are enabled (a green traffic light will be displayed). You can then either:

  1. do the 15 minute guided tour (recommended but optional). Watch a video (2:20 min) of downloading and starting the guided tour (opens in new window) or
  2. install the 30 day trial. Watch a video (3:22 min) of installing eMarking Assistant (opens in a new window). Every 3rd person who installs eMarking Assistant will be shown a “You have won a 1 year free license” voucher which you can send to to receive a free 1 year license.

Step 3: Use eMarking Assistant to grade papers and save time

Once you have installed eMarking Assistant you can:

  1. open any assignment you want to mark
  2. show the eMarking Assistant toolbar by holding down the ALT key and pressing F8
  3. use any eMarking Assistant feature shown in the eMarking Assistant demonstration videos

Step 4: At the end of the trial you can buy a full license to continue using eMarking Assistant

Before the end of your trial you will be notified of the end date. You can then follow the prompts to buy an eMarking Assistant license. If you decide not to buy eMarking Assistant you can:

  • export your reusable comments
  • uninstall eMarking Assistant if you wish but this should not be necessary as eMarking Assistant will remain silent until you press ALT F8
  • I would also appreciate your feedback on how eMarking Assistant could be improved to better meet your needs

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