FAQ / How can I install eMarking Assistant on a second computer for my own use?

Yes, you can install eMarking Assistant on a second computer for your own use.

This is in recognition that unfortunately teachers often mark assignments and grade papers both at work and also at home (and sometimes even on holiday). Do the following to install eMarking Assistant on your second computer (the names of the buttons and links may be slightly different depending on what version you are using):

  • if you have not already done so install eMarking Assistant on your first computer and activate it
  • download the eMarking_Assistant.doc file (you can download this from http://eMarkingAssistant.com) and save it on your second computer computer and then to install 30 day trial
  • on your second computer, show the “eMarking Assistant” toolbar and use the “?/Install” button to show the “Help and license information” window and then obtain the License ID on the second computer (e.g. abcde-fghij)
  • on your first computer, navigate to the “Help and license information” window then click the “Use your 1st computer to generate an activation code for your 2nd computer” and follow the prompts by entering the License ID of your second computer to obtain the corresponding activation code for your second computer
  • on your second computer, navigate to the “Help and license information” window and click the “Enter activation or extension code” button and enter the second computer activation code
  • you will then see the updated status showing that both licenses will expire on the same day.

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