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We are located in Canberra, Australia and and are usually available from 6am to 10pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time-UTC+10 or Australian Eastern Daylight Time UTC+11). It is currently   in Canberra, Australia.

The following table shown times in 12 world cities to pick the best time for a support session (ideally between 6am and 10pm Canberra time).

eRubric Assistant

The F5, F6, F7, & F8 or ALT/F8 function keys do not work (FN lock)

If the function keys do not operate correctly in eMarking or eRubric Assistant this may be because your computer uses these function  keys to perform special actions e.g. start or stop multimedia, switch between different screens or perhaps turn WiFi on or off, rather than generate the standard function key codes. This will generally be shown as small icons on the function keys (see below).

Function keys showing additional functions

Function keys showing special functions on a Dell computer showing special device functions

Function keys on a Macintosh computer showing special device functions

Function keys on a Macintosh computer showing special device functions

Each computer manufacturer uses their own way to switch between the standard F1 to F12 function keys and these special device functions and if you google the name of your computer manufacturer and “Fn lock” or “Function keys” or similar you will find information for your specific computer. Below is general information that many also apply to your computer.

Windows computers

To generate the standard F1 to F12 keys rather than the multimedia functions you need to hold down the Fn key. If you have a Fn Lock key you can press it to toggle between the standard F1 to F12 keys and the special multimedia keys. On the Dell computer illustrated above you need to hold down the Fn key and then press the ESC or Fn Lock key to toggle to the Fn key or special  key mode. On a Surface Pro type cover 2 you need to hold down the CAPS LOCK and then press the FN key to use the FN keys as FN keys

Macintosh computers

If you are using certain Macintosh computers you may need to:

  • set your keyboard to use all function keys by clicking System Preferences > Hardware > Keyboard > and tick the option “Use all F1, F2 keys as standard function keys
  • disable existing keyboard shortcuts by clicking System Preferences > Hardware > Keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts > then untick the options next to F5, F6, F7 and F8).


Copying rubrics created in Rubric-O-Matic into eMarking Assistant

The Rubric-O-Matic document contains the macros needed to automated the rubric. Because the macros are contained in the document you can only use the automated features of the rubric in the Rubric-O-Matic document.

If you  want to use the automated eRubric in any document you need to install eMarking Assistant which will load the macros into the Word Startup folder which means that it is available any time you are using Word.

Once you have installed eMarking Assistant you can copy the eRubric table into any document and use it in the following way:

  • open a blank Word document or any existing document and show the eMarking Assistant toolbar by pressing ALT F8. If you can’t show the eMarking Assistant toolbar this means that you have not installed eMarking Assistant
  • open the Rubric-O-Matic document which contains your eRubric
  • highlight your eRubric and copy it by pressing CTRL C
  • click back in your blank document or the document where you want to use the rubric
  • paste your rubric by pressing CTRL V
  • you should now be able to use the automated eRubric features by pressing F5, F6, F7 or F8 or by clicking the eRuric tab on the bottom  of the eMarking Assistant toolbar and pressing the relevant buttons.


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