FAQ / How to copy the “status information” and send it to eMarking Assistant

To help diagnose an issue you might be asked to copy the “status of eMarking Assistant” and send it to Peter.Evans@emarkingassistant.com

To do this:
  • show the toolbar by pressing ALT/F8 or go to the Add-ins menu and select Show eMarking or eRubric toolbar
  • click the ?_install tab near the bottom right of the toolbar
  • click the Install, activate or buy button
  • highlight all the text in the Status of your license on this computer box. This starts with eMarking Assistant license details: and ends with the current date and time.  Press CTRL/C to copy this to the clipboard
  • paste this into an email and send it to Peter.Evans@emarkingassistant.com
We will then diagnose the issue and reply to you.

Posted in: Support and trouble shooting