FAQ / Copying rubrics created in Rubric-O-Matic into eMarking Assistant

The Rubric-O-Matic document contains the macros needed to automated the rubric. Because the macros are contained in the document you can only use the automated features of the rubric in the Rubric-O-Matic document.

If you  want to use the automated eRubric in any document you need to install eMarking Assistant which will load the macros into the Word Startup folder which means that it is available any time you are using Word.

Once you have installed eMarking Assistant you can copy the eRubric table into any document and use it in the following way:

  • open a blank Word document or any existing document and show the eMarking Assistant toolbar by pressing ALT F8. If you can’t show the eMarking Assistant toolbar this means that you have not installed eMarking Assistant
  • open the Rubric-O-Matic document which contains your eRubric
  • highlight your eRubric and copy it by pressing CTRL C
  • click back in your blank document or the document where you want to use the rubric
  • paste your rubric by pressing CTRL V
  • you should now be able to use the automated eRubric features by pressing F5, F6, F7 or F8 or by clicking the eRuric tab on the bottom  of the eMarking Assistant toolbar and pressing the relevant buttons.

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