FAQ / Faster ways to select and enter comments into the margin

Inserting reusable comments from the toolbar is a very common task in eMarking Assistant and for this reason there are multiple ways to do it.  Most people start with:

  • highlighting the part of the document you want to comment on, then
  • then using the mouse to highlight the comment
  • then clicking the into margin button.

But you can also use the following methods.

Once you have highlighted the part of the document that you want to comment on and clicked in the comment field of the toolbar, there are three ways you can select a specific comment:

  • start to type the name of the comment and the list will scroll to that comment
  • use the arrow keys on your keyboard or scroll bar on the toolbar to highlight the comment
  • use your mouse to select the comment (this is the normal way)

Once the comment is highlighted there are three ways you can insert it into the margin of the document:

  • double click the comment name
  • press the enter button
  • click the into margin button (this is the normal way)

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