FAQ / “page #” is shown in some comments and how to resolve this

In rare circumstances, { PAGE \# ‘”Page: ‘#’ ‘” } (or something similar) may be saved in some reusable comments on some computers.  This is a Microsoft field code for inserting the page number into the document and you can press ALT F9 to display either the field code or the field result ( see FAQ or (read more from Microsoft).

If this occurs on your computer, I would grateful if you could contact me so I can identify why this occurs and resolve the issue.

People have found the following ways to resolve the issue:

  • press ALT F9 several times to toggle between displaying either the field code or the field result.
  • insert the comment into the document or margin > at the end of the comment press the Enter key several times to insert paragraph marks > show the paragraph marks by using the HOME menu, then Paragrap group and clicking the ¶ button > then select the comment being careful not to include the paragraph marks > then resave the comment. This is shown in the following video

  • If you have many comments which  include  { PAGE \# ‘”Page: ‘#’ ‘” } you can export all comment into a Word table (the Setup tab > Manage Comment banks menu > export comment bank). You can then edit the table to remove the field code. Then import the comment bank using the Setup tab > Manage Comment banks menu > export comment bank.

If this error occurs on your computer I would be grateful if you could contact me so I can identify exactly when this error occurs and then resolve it.

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