FAQ / My firewall/antivirus software says eMarking Assistant is a trojan or virus

Old versions of Windows Defender (the default firewall in Windows 10) falsely report that eMarking Assistant contains the TrojanDownloader:O97M/Donoff malware. Microsoft has examined eMarking Assistant and declared it safe. You can update your virus definitions in the following way:

  1. use the START button (bottom left) to open your CONTROL PANEL
  2. click UPDATE & SECURITY
  3. click the CHECK FOR UPDATES button
  4. click the INSTALL UPDATES button

Feel free to use the SUPPORT CHAT button at eh bottom right of most windows if you have questions.

I have scanned the document with virustotal.com (the most respected online scanner using 61 virus and malware tools. VirusTotal.com shows that 60 out of 61 tools reported it as safe (click link to see the report in a new window).

If you are using a centrally managed computer i.e. you work in a university where there is a central IT section

In the first instance you should contact them saying that eMarking Assistant or Automated Analytic Rubrics uses Word add-in and you need assistance to download and install it. This is because they will control what can be downloaded and run on the computer.

If you are using a home computer which you manage

If your firewall or antivirus software blocks downloading eMarking Assistant or Automated Analytic Rubrics, I suggest you send the following information to info@eMarkingAssistant.com

  • the exact message you are shown. It might have a link to more information.
  • the name of your firewall or anti-virus software
  • if you are using a home computer or if you are using a computer that is managed by a central IT section
  • and what you were doing immediately before the message was display


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