FAQ / How do I generate complementary licenses for my colleagues?

You can use the following process to generate complementary licenses for your colleagues (the names of the buttons and links may be slightly different depending on what version you are using):

  • ask your colleague to download the 30 day trial and install it (eMarking Assistant) or use it (Automated Analytic Rubrics) on their computer
  • ask your colleague to write down the license ID (e.g. abcde-fghij) that is shown in the “Help and license information”. Press Alt/F8 and then click the “?/Install” button (eMarking Assistant)
  • on your computer, navigate to the “Help and license information” window then click the “Generate complementary licenses” and follow the prompts by entering the License ID of your colleague’s computer to obtain their activation
  • on your colleague’s computer, navigate to the “Help and license information” window and click the “Enter activation or extension code” button and enter the  activation code
  • you will then see the updated status showing that both licenses will expire on the same day.

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