FAQ / How do I handle different file formats in eMarking Assistant?

I tell students that I will be marking their assignment with Microsoft Word for Windows and suggest that they submit their assignment as a Word 2007+ document i.e in .docx format. While Word will read many file formats letting students confirm that their document is correctly shown in the version of Word that you are using puts the responsibility on them to ensure that you can read it. Word will read many file formats (you may need to download the Microsoft Office compatibility Pack to allow Word 2007+ version to read pre-2007 documents).

If a student wants to submit a PDF, I also encourage them to submit the editable file as well to allow me to make more detailed and timely feedback. Word 2013 is generally able to read PDF documents but may make mistakes if the document layout is complicated.

I insert the following comment at the end of the assignment (go to the end of the assignment > select the eMarking info. for students comment > click the Text button) to ensure that students are aware of the types of comments or feedback that might be provided on their assignment. This is because Word on some computers may be setup to NOT show revision marks or comments e.g. show the Original rather then the Final document or not show margin comments.  Some versions of Word  or Office like programs may not show all comments e.g. light versions of Office used on tablets or the iPad

eMarking information for students

Your paper or assignment has been electronically marked and it may contain the following types of comments and feedback:

  • comments shown in the margin or at the bottom of the page;
  • Word revision marks shown in the text in a different colour;
  • highlighting in the marking rubric or the marking sheet for the performance standard that best describes your work
  • general comments at the end of your assignment
  • audio or video feedback which you can replay by clicking the speaker icon

example of comments created usng eMarking Assistant

If you can’t see the comments or the revision marks you may need to use the following options to display them:

  • in Word 2007 or later: Review tab > Tracking group > Show Balloons, show Final Showing Markup, and select options under Show Markup
  • in Word 2003 or earlier: View menu > Reviewing toolbar > show Final Showing Markup and select options under Show Markup

If you are still not able to view these comments, you should contact your marker and request a PDF version of your marked assignment.

More information on eMarking Assistant including demonstrations, forums, and a free 30 day trial are available from: http://emarkingassistant.com

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