FAQ / How can I start an online support chat session or online screen sharing support session?

Starting an online support chat session

The online support button on the right of most pages allows you to:

  • start a text and or audio chat with out support staff (if they are online) or
  • send a message (if they are not online)

You can also contact Peter Evans via Skype using Skype ID  evans-pj

Online support screen sharing session

Often the easiest way to sort out an issue is to use a screen sharing application called Mikogo (see below for instructions) to view your screen. If you use Skype we can also view your screen in Skype.

Arranging a time for a screen sharing session

If you want you can arrange a time for a support session by sending a message using the online support button. We are located in Canberra, Australia and are usually available from 6am to 10pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time-UTC+10 or Australian Eastern Daylight Time UTC+11). It is currentlyin Canberra, Australia.

The following table shown times in 12 world cities to pick the best time for a support session (ideally between 6am and 10pm Canberra time).

How to Connect to a Mikogo screen sharing session

  1. At the arranged time, go to the eMarking Assistant site and click the Online Support button that is on the right of most screens. You can then enter your name and the reason for the chat and then click the Start Chat button.
  2. You can move the chat window to the side of the screen to allow room to show Word. If you have a microphone you can click the mic button at the bottom of the chat window to talk rather than type
  3. Go to http://go.mikogo.com and enter the nine number Session ID that will be provided to you, your first name, make sure that Connection Program is selected, and then click Join session
  4. When the Mikogo program has finished being downloaded you can Open or Run it.
  5. The Mikogo window will then open and you will see that you are connected into the session
  6. You may then be asked be a presenter so the eMarking Assistant support staff can see your screen.

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