FAQ / How do I claim my free license if I have won one?

Every third person who installs eMarking Assistant or Automated Analytic Rubrics will be shown a message (at the end of the end of the installation process or the first time they use it) saying that they have won a free 1 year license.

To claim your free license you need to send your license ID e.g. ABCDE-FGHIJ-1.9.9 and whether you are using eMarking Assistant or Automated Analytic Rubrics to info@eMarkingAssistant.com and I will send you your activation code.

You can redisplay you license ID in the following way:

  1. press ALT / F8 to show the “”Help and license information” window
  2. if you are using eMarking Assistant you will been to also:
    1. click the “?-Install” tab which is near the bottom right of the toolbar
    2. click the Show license ID, expiry date, version and web site button to show the About eMarking Assistant window
  3. then copy the License ID which is shown about 1/2 down the page.  The license ID is 10 letters followed by the version number e.g. ABCDE-FGHIJ-1.9.9

I will then send you your activation code for your 1 year free license.

If you work for a university, school or company you may want to apply for a free 12 month trial for your site using the information on:

Apply for a free 12 month trial for your university, college, or school

Privacy policy: We will not share your personal details with anyone.

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