FAQ / How do I distribute a comment bank to people who are marking papers for money?

Increasingly grading and marking is done by grading assistants or teaching assistants who are marking papers for money. eMarking Assistant allows the professor or course convener to prepare a comment bank document and marking or grading rubric and then distribute these who are grading the papers or marking the assignments. This increases consistency between the people who are marking papers for money, reduces the need for second marking or moderation, and promotes student confidence in the assessment process. The comment bank document can also include marking or grading rubrics.

If you are a professor or course coordinator you can:

  1. prepare your own comment bank document containing a Word table with the comments you want your assistants to use
  2. send your comment bank document to your markers with the eMarking Assistant document (or a link to the eMarking Assistant download page)
  3. ask your assistants to download and install eMarking Assistant and click No when asked to install the default comments. If they do insert the default comments they can delete all comments by using the Setup tab, using the Manage comment banks menu and select Delete all comments.
  4. then load your comments  (click the Setup tab, use the Manage comment banks menu and select Import comment bank).

Now you can be confident that all your assistants who are marking papers for money will have the same group of assessment comments which they can add to or customise if necessary. This basic set of comments is also valuable as it demonstrates the level of comments you want as well as the tone of comments.  Using a common set of comments (for policies or discipline conventions  across a program of courses) also makes the program much more coherent.

If you are applying for online grading jobs, marking papers for money, or grading papers for money you may want to show the course examiner or convenor the eMarking Assistant site so they prepare a common comment bank which all markers can use. In this case I will happily send you a code that will extend you eMarking Assistant license.

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