FAQ / How do I find my license ID

Your eMarking Assistant license ID is 10 lowercase letters followed by a version number (e.g. abcde-fghij-1.94) that is uniquiqe to your computer. Once you have installed eMarking Assistant you can find your eMarkign Assistance license ID in the following way (the ID is also shown at the end of the instalation process):

  1. Open any Word document
  2. Show the “eMarking Assistant toolbar” by pressing ALT F8 or either:
    1. Word 2003 or earlier: View menu > Toolbars Show eMarking Assistant toolbar
    2. Word 2007 or later: Add-ins tab > Show eMarking Assistant toolbar
  3. Use the “Help” tab on the eMarking Assistant toolbar and click the “Computer ID, license & buy” button to show the “Help and license information” window.
  4. Your eMarking Assistant license ID will then be shown (e.g. abcde-fghij-1.94)

If you do not provide your eMarking Assistant license ID when you purchased eMarking Assistant you can email it to info@emarkingassistant.com with your full name, the date your purchased eMarking Assistant, and the method of payment.

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