FAQ / How do I get the toolbar to show in any Word document (not just the eMarking Assistant document)?

The eMarking Assistant toolbar (and the supporting program/macros) are embedded in the eMarking Assistant document. If you want to use the toolbar in any document, you need to install eMarking Assistant so the toolbar and the macros are copied to Word’s startup folder so they are available any time Word is operating.  You can see if eMarking Assistant is installed by pressing ALT F8 to show the toolbar > clicking the Install, Comp.ID, License & Buy button > clicking the Show updated status button > reading what is shown in the status window.

To install eMarking Assistant so you can use it in any document, you need to click the Install eMarking Assistant button at the start of the document and follow the prompts as shown in the following video.

In some rare circumstances eMarking Assistant is installed but the add-in has become disabled and thus the toolbar is only visible in the eMarking Assistant document. You can check if the add-in has become disabled in the following way:

  • either:
    • (in 2010) click the File tab > Options item > Add-Ins selection
    • in 2007 click the Round Office button (top left) > Options button > Add-Ins selection
  • if eMarking Assistant is a Disabled add-in you can re-enable it by:
    • use the Manage drop down > select Word add-Ins > click Go
    • put a tick next to eMarking Assistant > click OK
  • The eMarking Assistant toolbar should now display when you press ALT F8

Once you have installed eMarking Assistant you can use it in any document by pressing ALT F8.

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