FAQ / How do I temporarily disable eMarking Assistant (and then reenable it)?

You can delete eMarking Assistant by clicking the grey Uninstall eMarking Assistant button in the first section of the eMarking Assistant document. If you do not have the eMarking Assistant document you can download a new one from http://emarkingassistant.com/

If you can’t delete eMarking Assistant in this way or you want to temporarily disable it and then reenable it, you can do so in the following way:

  1. Open Word and file the location of the Word Startup folder then quit out of Word
  2. Open the Word Startup folder in File Explorer or Windows Explorer
  3. Either:
    1. If you want to temporarily disable eMarking Assistant, you need to click the Options button to show file extensions and then rename it from eMarking-Assistant.dot to eMarking-Assistant.disableddot
      1. To reenable it simply rename it back to eMarking-Assistant.dot
    2. If you want to delete eMarking Assistant, you can highlight the file and then press the Delete key

This method will work with any Microsoft Office Add-in or Template which is run from the Startup folder.



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