FAQ / How do I uninstall eMarking Assistant?

Even if you decide not to use eMarking Assistant you will probably not need to uninstall it. Once your trial or license expires you will only see a reminder if you show the eMarking Assistant toolbar or use an eMarking Assistant feature.

If you do want to uninstall eMarking Assistant you can do so in the following way (see video at the end of this section):

  1. open the original eMarking Assistant document that you used to install the software. The document name starts with “eMarking_Assistant” if you need to search for it. If you have deleted it you can download a new version from http://emarkingassistant.com/)
  2. open the document and click the Uninstall eMarking Assistant button on the first page
  3. when you restart Word the eMarking Assistant toolbar or addins menu will be removed.

Feel free to contact Peter Evans if you have any difficulty.

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