FAQ / Why might eMarking Assistant become disabled and hide the Add-ins tab?

Occasionally conflicts occur between Word add-ins and one or both add-ins will be disabled. This is very rare and I am only aware of 4 times this has occurred in more than 5 years. If this does occur the Add-Ins tab (Word 2007 or later) or the Show eMarking or eRubric toolbar option (Word 2003 or earlier) will disappear. You can confirm that the add-in has been disabled by doing the following (In Word 2007 or later):

  • Using the File tab and selecting Options
  • Click the Add-Ins tab and looking in the Inactive or the Disabled Application Add-ins group and looking for the eMarking Assistant.dot add-in.

You can reenable the eMarking Assistant.dot Add-in by

  • using the Manage dropdown menu at the bottom of the page and selecting Templates then clicking Go…
  • Placing a tick next to eMarking Assistant.dot and clicking OK
  • You should now see the Add-ins tab containing the Show eMarking or eRubric toolbar option

If the eMarking Assistant.dot Add-in becomes disabled again you should arrange a time for an online support session or send the list of active add-ins to info@eMarkingAssistant.com and we will investigate the issue.





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