Installing eMarking Assistant.

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eMarking Assistant will save you time when you are grading papers or marking assignments using any version of Microsoft Word for Windows

More information and demonstrations of eMarking assistant and to download a 30 day trial please go to

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This screen movie will demonstrate downloading and installing eMarking Assistant.


To download and save the eMarking Assistant document on your hard disk:


To install the eMarking Assistant software:


You can now open any document in Word to start using eMarking Assistant. The first time you open Word after you have installed eMarking Assistant you will be shown a welcome message telling you how to show the eMarking Assistant toolbars:

You will be glad to know that other than this, eMarking Assistant is one of the few things that works in exactly the same way in Word 2003 and 2007. You will also be shown how to show the About & Upgrade button to find your  Computer ID and enter the activation code.


You will then see the two eMarking Assistant toolbars:


The eMarking preparation toolbar helps setup your computer to mark assignments, manage comment banks and provide links to the support forum. The About & Upgrade provides you with access to:

information on the status of eMarking Assistant on your computer and the number of days remaining in your trial


Another movie on the eMarking Assistant site provides a demonstration of using eMarking Assistant and we will just look at two or three items here.

The eMarking toolbar:


The eMarking Assistant document which you downloaded to your hard disk contains detailed documentation, templates and suggested workflows for electronic marking.


In summary, eMarking Assistant integrates into Microsoft Word for Window to provide tools that will save you time while providing more detailed and useful feedback to students. A 30 day trial is available from