Mission, vision, and values: creating paper grading software

Peter Evans endorsements on LinkedIn

Peter Evans endorsements on LinkedIn

Our work creating the eMarking Assistant paper grading software is based on a lifetime of experience (see my LinkedIn profile or the LinkedIn endorsements on the right) finding ways to use technology to improve the education lives of students and teachers. We are committed to producing the best paper grading software for teachers.

Our vision

  • Increase the usefulness of formative feedback
  • Improve educational outcomes (for students and teachers) in on-line and blended learning environments
  • Help teachers provide exemplary educational support within increasingly resource scare environments

Our mission

  • create low-cost, easily used paper grading software that run within widely available computing environments (Microsoft Word)
  • provide paper grading software for teachers that do not require an internet connection or storing students assignments or comments on externally hosted servers
  • provide guidelines for an effective workflow to download, mark and upload marked assignments to common Learning Management Systems

Our values

  • value the users time by creating easily to learn paper grading software that can be used in familiar environments
  • leverage the tools and techniques that teachers commonly use