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Individual eMarking Assistant license with multi-year discount 1yr$20 to 6yr$60


Scroll to the reviews and social media comments or the description tab (below) for the cost of a one year license in US dollars and multi-year discounts (use the currency converter on the left to convert to your local currency).

An individual license can be installed on two computers e.g. home and work, for use by an individual person. The license activation code will be emailed to you after your payment has been confirmed.

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Product Description

eMarking Assistant licenses are available at the discounted cost shown in the following table.

Cost of an individual multi-year license in US dollars

cost with multi-year discount and your savings
cost with
cost if
1 $USD 20
2 $USD 18 $USD 36 $USD 40 $USD 4 10%
3 $USD 16 $USD 48 $USD 60 $USD 12 20%
4 $USD 14 $USD 56 $USD 80 $USD 24 30%
5 $USD 12 $USD 60 $USD 100 $USD 40 40%
6 $USD 10 $USD 60 $USD 120 $USD 60 50%
more than 6 email for options

Additional Information

Length Of License (years)

1 year at $20 per year, 2 years at $18 per year, 3 years at $16 per year, 4 years at $14 per year, 5 years at $12 per year, 6 years at $10 per year (best value)