Compare eMarking Assistant and Rubric-O-Matic

We have 2 essay marking software products:

  • eMarking Assistant (Windows) is the premium product and allows you to create and use reusable comments, audio comments, and automated eRubrics
  • Rubric-O-Matic (Windows or Macintosh) allows you to create and use automated eRubrics and distribute them to markers
Feature eMarking
Compatible with  Windows  Office and Word – versions 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 (but not Office RT) Essay marking software: yes Yes
Compatible with  Macintosh  Office and Word – versions 2004 and 2011 No Yes
Automated analytic eRubrics (rescale, add, & convert to grades) Yes Yes
Insert criteria and standards into the body of the assignment Yes Yes
Copy and paste eRubric into the document to return to student Yes Yes
Use eRubrics in any document Yes No
eRubric floating toolbars Yes No
Use and share eRubric templates Yes No
Create and use reusable comment bank Yes No
Use and share comment banks Yes No
Record audio comments Yes No
Highlight phrases throughout the assignment Yes No
Do Google search for highlight phrase within the document Yes No
Cost $USD40 per year or
$USD120 for 6 years

The eMarking Assistant essay marking software has been compared to the Writepoint software which was used at the University of Phoenix.

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