Rubrics: future enhancements and past versions

This page includes these sections:

Current version:

Automated Analytic Rubrics 2017 (v2.2.2)

This is the current version — download now

  • introduced the 30 day trial version
  • first commercial version and when the user buys a license to Automated Analytic Rubrics they are sent an activation code for the required number of years
  • people with a valid license can generate 5 complementary licenses to give to their colleagues
  • you can now mix mark ranges and absolute marks e.g. a F can be 0% and a C can be 50% to 59%
  • you can now use Non-Breaking Spaces in percentage ranges on Mac (bug fix)
    • does not work on Macintosh Office 2011 (I will release a version which will work on Mac Office 2011 before the end of September. This will be announced on the Automated Analytic Rubrics newsletter.

Automated Analytic Rubrics 2017 (v2.1.0)

  • expires on July 1 2017
  • renamed Automated Analytic Rubrics
  • allows percentages to be either a range (e.g. 60% to 69%) or a single value (e.g. 65%) and these can be mixed in the one rubric e.g. FAIL 0% to 59%, D 65%, C 75%, B 85%, A 95%
  • calculations are now done using floating point numbers (any number of decimal points) and the user can control the number of decimal points shown in the body of the rubric using the NDPM (Number Decimal Points in Marks) directive and the total using the NDPT (Number Decimal Points in Totals) directive
  • removed the GPA from  the grading levels
  • allowed grading standards in rows 1 and 2 to be black text on a light background or light text on a dark background. Both the background and text colour are used to highlight the assessed cell in the rubric
  • introduced a .doc and a .docm version to improve compatibility with different versions of Office (Mac or Windows, 2000 to 2016)

Rubric-O-Matic 2016 (v2.0.0)

  • expires on 1 February 2017
  • renamed to Rubric-O-Matic
  • resolved some issues running on Office 2016 for the Macintosh
  • added guide tours and the rubric creator wizard
  • automatically recalculate the totals if the totals are displayed and  either F5, F6 or F7 is pressed

How to upgrade to the current version

If you have used a previous version of Rubric-O-Matic or eRubric Assistant you can copy your rubrics and paste them into the new version and they will operate correctly.

Previous versions

Previous versions were called eRubric Assistant.

Planned future enhancements and beta (b) and release candidate (rc) versions

Feel free to add requests and suggestions as comments at the end of this page. People can email to participate in the beta testing program or to have priority when requesting new features.

The following features will be included in future versions:

  • there are currently no planned enhancements

Beta (b) and release candidates (rc) versions

Automated Analytic Rubrics (v2.2.0)

  • 30 day trial
  • buy a 1 yr to 6 yr subscription license
    • 1 license can generate another license for your personal use (e.g. Work and home computer)
    • 1 license can generate up to 5 complementary 1yr licenses