eMarking Assistant helps you grade papers

The following 2 minute video shows some of the ways eMarking Assistant will help you grade papers and mark assignments using any version of Microsoft Word for Windows (or you might want to scroll down to see the benefits of using eMarking Assistant).

eMarking Assistant allows you to:

  • easily create detailed comment banks containing text, images, links, and tables
  • quickly insert these comments in an assignment or paper (see demo) using a floating toolbar so you don’t need to retype the feedback
  • share comment banks with other teachers (see demo) to improve consistency and reduce moderation
  • easily record and insert audio feedback (see demo) in Word
  • use professional colour coded marking rubrics which automatically add, rescale, and convert marks to grades (see demo)
  • select a phrase in the assignment and press a button to do a Google web or scholar search (see demo)
  • highlight every occurrence of a misused phrase throughout the assignment
  • provide quick access to other marking or grading tools in Word

Download 30 day trial of eMarking Assistant
The eMarking Assistant online essay grader will help you do all these things and save you time when grading papers online. And it works in any version of Word for Windows so you don’t need to learn another software package.

Download the 30 day trial of the eMarking Assistant online essay grader

You can download the free 30 day trial with confidence knowing that it has been certified 100% virus, malware and spyware free by download.com and tucows.com