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You can check what version you are using by pressing ALT F8 to show the toolbar > clicking the ?-Install tab near the bottom right of the toolbar > clicking the Show LicenseID, expiry date, version & web site button at the bottom.

How to upgrade to the current version of eMarking Assistant

Licensed users are entitled to upgrade to a new version at any time. Follow this process for updating your installed version of eMarking Assistant:

    1. download the latest version of eMarking Assistant and save it to your computer
    2. open the updated version, ensure that macros are enabled and click the “Install eMarking Assistant ...” button (your current license will continue to be valid
    3. if you have redefined any of the supplied comments you will be asked if you want to overwrite your changes. You should select No for each comment you have redefined
    4. your existing comments and erubrics will be available in the new version

Current version: 2.2.5 – build date: after March 2020

This is the current version — download now

  • allows you to generate up to 5 complementary licenses to give to your colleagues
  • improved the documentation and guided tour
  • updated eMarking Assistant to work with the latest version of Office and Windows
  • other small refinements

Previous versions:

1.9.9 – build date: after May 2015

  • fixed bug in “export comment banks”
  • removed need to confirm overwriting a comment which includes hyperlink or embedded sound or images
  • guided tour and installer document displays notice if it is a later version than the installed version
  • rearranged interface to bring “Manage Comment bank” to top of Setup tab
  • other small refinements

1.9.8 – build date: after September 2014

  • if a secondary license is renewed it becomes the primary license and thus is able to generate a secondary license
  • other minor usability improvements

1.9.6 – build date: after April 2014

  • the application has been broken into 2 documents:
    • the eMarking_Assistant_tour_and_installer.doc document which is the default download containing the guided tour and the installer
    • the eMarking_Assistant_Manual.doc which is the full reference manual
  • the interface for prompting people to enable macros has been improved
  • the guided tour has been improved and it is now supported by the eMarking Assistant Guide YouTube playlist
  • the guided tour is supported by an email newsletter
  • options to highlight a word and insert meaning, synonym, and antonym lists have been added
  • improvements to the Toolbar
    • redesigned to display appropriately on versions of Office from 2000 to 2013
    • a link to the FAQ has been added
    • a link to the video demonstrations has been added
    • a link to the purchase page has been added
    • the height of the toolbar is based on the height of the Word window
  • other minor improvements have been made

1.9.3 – build date: after August 2013

  • if eMarking Assistant is installed on a machine that is a member of a domain that has a site license, the license is automatically activated
  • the reusable comment bank (with APA and academic writing comments) has been improved
  • the vertical toolbar is resized based on the height of the active window to allow more comments to be shown
  • the “.” at the start of comment names is removed to make it easier to select comments by clicking the comment list and typing the first couple of letters of a comment name to automatically select that comment
  • improve the behaviour of the field containing the comment names allowing comments to be inserted in the margin by:
    • double clicking the comment name
    • selecting a comment and pressing Enter

1.9.1 – build date: after Jan 16 2013

  • minor improvements to guided tour and user manual

1.9.0 – build date: after May 29 2012

  • now works on 64-bit versions of Office which means that eMarking Assistant works on:
    • any version of Windows from 2000 to the present (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7) (both 32 and 64-bit versions)
    • any version of Office from 2000 to present (Office 2000, 2002, 200, 2007, 2010) (both 32 and 64-bit versions)

1.8.9 – build date: after April 18 2012

  • fixed bug that was preventing new reusable comments to be saved on some computers

1.8.8 – build date: after Jan 2012

  • comments text displayed in the margin can be shown in a larger font by opening eRubric Assistant toolbar > setup tab > tick the upSizeC. toggle
  • the trial version times out on the first Wednesday of the month after the 30 day trial ends
  • marker can specify the highlight colour used in marking sheets and list type erubrics

1.7.4 – build date: after November 7 2010

  • enhancements to the highlight word or phrase function to enable the following
    • a specific word or phrase e.g. “singular and plural”
    • words that sound the same or are commonly confused e.g. “their”, “there” and “they’re” but not “therefore”
    • singular and plural of nouns e.g. “nut” and “nuts” but not “nutmeg
    • different forms of adjectives e.g. “worse” and “worst” or “good” “better” and “best”
    • different tenses of a verb e.g. “sit”, “sat” and “sitting” but not “situation”

1.7.0 – build date: after October 3 2010

  • allows Vista and Windows 7 users to insert audio comments
  • allows users to generate packaged automated rubrics which can be distributed to and used by others (even if they have not installed eMarking Assistant)

1.6.0 – build date: after August 28 2010

  • fixed error that stopped comment bank from being imported if a comment name is longer than 32 characters
  • fixed error checking for later versions
  • does not close eMarking Assistant toolbar when document is close
  • opens eMarking Assistant toolbar at the top left of the screen

1.5.0 – build date: after July 20 2010

  • improved installation process with “traffic lights” showing if macros are enabled
  • Incorporated “guided tour” as first section of the eMarking Assistant documentation allowing people to fully test eMarking Assistant in the document (the document can be edited but not saved)
  • eRubrics are expanded to include multiple types (grid, list, and sheet) and parameters are introduced to customise the way eRubrics operate e.g. number of decimal points shown, number of increments in each grade range
  • the following operations are allowed after the 1 year subscription has ended
    • export comment banks
    • install eMarking Assistant (a 1 year subscription still needs to be purchased before it can be resused)
    • delete eMarking Assistant
  • code based has been merged with eRubric Assistant

1.4.0 – build date: May 10 2010

  • reorganised toolbars into one tabbed toolbar
  • removed page number from reusable comments
  • added “list” and “table” type rubrics
  • toolbar can be shown by pressing ALT F8 (all versions of Word) or View menu (2003) or Add Ins tab (2007)
  • ALT F8 will show the toolbar even if the toolbar has been opened by a document which has moved behind the current document
  • added more options for Google search
  • added “read selection” to allow section of the assignment to be read
  • added additional default comments and improved comment categories
  • allow all comments in the current comment bank to be deleted
  • changed to a 30 day trial

1.2.6 – build date: after March 26 2010

  • added button to check for later version on the Help & License window
  • eMarking Assistant and the eRubrics can be tested before installing
  • dates are displayed using the name of the month to avoid confusion e.g. Mar or Apr
  • by default all comments that are inserted into the assignment as text (rather than a comment balloon) are prefaced with “Comment by :”. This allows you to write the number on a paper or PDF document and link it to the electronic comments. If the initials field is blank no preface is used.

1.2.3 – build date: after March 7 2010

  • user can trial eMarking Assistant (within the eMarking_Assistant.doc document) without installing the software
  • marking rubric are organised in the familiar grid with criteria listed in rows and standards in columns
  • marking rubrics can contain blank lines or criteria that are not marked and the marks will be correctly totalled and converted to a grade
  • marking rubric can contain grades (e.g. A, B, C, D or competent, not-competent or HD, A, B, C) and/or numeric marks
  • button to insert student eMarking information sheet to the end of the assignment

1.2.0 – build date: after Dec 2009

  • 30 day trial and 356 day license from purchase date
  • 80 default comments
  • button to insert student eMarking information sheet to the end of the assignment

1.1.0 – build date: June 2009

  • marking rubric can contain grades (e.g. A, B, C, D or competent, not-competent or HD, A, B, C) as well as numeric marks
  • subsets of comments (e.g. grammar, assignment 1, presentation, content, faculty policies) can be displayed and managed

1.0.0 – build date: March 2009

  • initial release of the eMarking Assistant essay grading software

Planned future enhancements of the eMarking Assistant essay grading software

Feel free to add requests and suggestions as comments at the end of this page. People can email to participate in the beta testing program or to have priority when requesting new features. The following enhancements are being incorporated into future releases of eMarking Assistant:

  • organise comments in a hierarchy allowing the grader to pick the category and then the sub-category and then the specific comment
  • organise comments into groups for different units or subjects or assignments and then allow the user to show or hide these groups depending on what course they were working in
  • automatically checking hyperlinks and flagging those that are broken
  • flagging intext citations that are not included in the reference list and flagging reference list entries that do not have an intext citation

Beta (b) and release candidates (rc) versions

2.2.3 eMarking Assistant (rc1) – build date: after 28th October 2018

Download now

This release candidate is in the final stages of testing. Please send comments and bug reports to


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