Record a video testimonial

This page allows you to record a video testimonial (up to 3 minutes long) using your web cam. You can replay and re-record the video as many times as you want. Even after your recording is uploaded you can ask me to edit it or not use it.

How to record your testimonial

  1. click the red [Record your Video] button (you may need to click a button to start Flash)
  2. use the white cog to select the correct camera if you have more than one camera
  3. position your web cam so the camera is level with your eyes and light (from a window if possible ) is shining on your face
  4. test your microphone by speaking clearly.  If the audio is adequate a green dot will be shown next to “mic”
  5. click the white [record] button
  6. record your video then click the [stop] button)
  7. you can rerecord if you want
  8. pick a thumbnail image for the video
  9. your video will then be uploaded and processed
  10. you can replay your video and re-record it if you want
  11. once you are happy with the video testimonial, can you please send an email to so I can publish it to the web site

Tips to record great video

  • Use books to raise your laptop so the camera is just above eye-level
  • Place your laptop or camera in front of a window (so you are looking out the window and your video webcam recorder is facing you) for best, natural light
  • Record the video in a quiet place so as to avoid outside noises
  • Record a practice run and then replay it
  • You  can re-record the video as many times as you  want
  • Do not wear sparkly or jangly jewellery or patterned or striped shirts that can distract from what you are saying
  • Speak loudly and clearly so you can be easily understood

You can also record the video at

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