Electronic marking at the University of Canberra

A free eMarking Assistant license is available to all staff at the University of Canberra or the University of Canberra College until 31 December 2016 (see below for information on obtaining your license). Support for eMarking Assistant is provided via the eMarking Assistant web sites via video demonstrations, FAQs, online webinars, and online chat, Skype or email interactions. You may also want to subscribe to the eMarking Assistant guide email series.

Obtaining your license

1. Download the 30 day trial of eMarking Assistant and save the Word document on your computer

2. Open the eMarking Assistant document and follow the prompts to confirm that macros are enabled and the click the install button.

  1. If you are using a computer registered on the university domain your license will be automagically activated until the date given above. You can then use this license to install it on another computer for your use
  2. If your computer is not registered on the university domain (e.g. you are using a computer that accesses the university network via wireless) you will need to request your license activation code by sending the license ID shown at the end of the installation process (see FAQ on obtaining your license ID) to info@emarkingassistant.com from your university email address and I will send you your activation code.

I wish you well in your teaching, eassessment, and egrading.

Peter Evans (0407 742851)

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