Apply for a free 12 month trial for your university, college, or school

We can now provide a free 12 month risk free trial of eMarking Assistant or Automated Analytic Rubrics to universities, colleges, schools or other organisations. To apply for the trial you should arrange for a person with responsibilities in one of the following areas (teaching and learning, quality, or educational technology) to send an email to providing the following information:

  • your name:
  • your position:
  • your phone number:
  • your email address:
  • the name of your organisation:
  • approximate number of staff in your organisation who grade or mark student work:

We will then contact you to discuss how to best use the trial to achieve your goals. We will establish a web page (e.g. trial page for The University of Canberra) which will provide your staff with instructions to download and install a version of eMarking Assistant which will automatically activate when installed on a computer attached to your network (e.g. If needed, other information can added to this page e.g. institutional contacts or institutional rubrics or comment banks.

A free one hour online training sessions can also be provided if required (additional sessions are available at $100 per hour for up to 20 participants) but most institutions have found that the online training videos, email, Skype, or online chat and screen sharing is adequate to support most users.

We will work with you throughout the trial to best ensure that your goals are achieved.

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