Automated Analytic Rubrics 2017 – Windows or Macintosh

Watch the following 2:40 minute demonstration of Automated Analytic Rubrics (previously called Rubric-O-Matic or eRubric Assistant).

The Automated Analytic Rubrics software lets you:

  1. make reusable automated grading rubrics in Microsoft Word containing your own weighted assessment criteria (in rows) and performance standards with marks or percentage ranges (in columns) (view the demonstration below) and then
  2. easily complete this rubric by clicking the cell for your assessment and pressing the F6 function key (or F12 key on some Macintosh computers) to highlight the cell, rescale and record the mark for each criterion. The F5 or F7 function keys will vary the mark down or up and F8 will total the marks and convert it to percentage and grade (view the demonstration below).

Because the rubrics are created in Microsoft Word you do not need to learn to use another piece of software. The rubrics can be used at all educational levels and with electronic or paper based assessment or other assessed tasks e.g. practical task, or presentations. If you are grading an electronic document you can paste the completed rubric into the document and return it via email or your Learning Management System. If you are marking a paper assignment or a presentation you can print the rubric to return it.

The Automated Analytic Rubrics Word document contains several example grading rubrics for marking essays and projects. These sample grading rubric templates show the use of marking scales used in American, European, and Australian educational systems.

And if you want more eMarking or eGrading tools…

The eMarking Assistant (Windows only) package contains the rubric tools and also allows you to create and use detailed reusable feedback comment banks, insert audio comments into assignments, highlight a phrase in the assignment and click a button to do a plagiarism search or to highlight easily confused phrases or words.

Completing the Rubric using Automated Analytic Rubrics

The following video shows completing the rubric using the eMarking Assistant interface but the functions and function keys are the same in the Automated Analytic Rubrics software.

Creating the rubric using the Automated Analytic Rubrics software

The following video shows making a rubric using the eMarking Assistant interface but the functions and function keys are the same in the Automated Analytic Rubrics software.